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Adults boxing is open to all individual skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced fighters. This class focuses on developing your boxing technique & cardiovascular fitness. Old school coaches, active professional & amateur fighters take the class throughout the week. Ensure you have gloves, hand wraps & a towel.


Private classes are open to all individuals. These classes are privately run as a 1 on 1 but can be extended as a group session with a maximum of 4 people. This ensures the coach has their undivided attention towards the member. This class requires a booking with head office. Prices and availability vary per coaches schedules.

S & C

Strength & conditioning is open to all individuals. This class is focused on developing endurance & building strength through a range of circuit-based exercises. S & C is an essential class to take if you’re looking to physically progress. This class will assist in fitness improvements, fat burning, gaining muscle & feeling good. Friday will be the designated day for these classes.


Fighters class is designed for teenagers & adults who wish to compete as Tszyu Fight Club representatives within a communal fight team environment. There will be sessions 6 days a week to teach the individuals our boxing blueprint. This class will not tolerate misbehaving teens as discipline & respect are required to continue within the class. Fighters class acts as a program of development across all levels to become fight ready.


Juniors boxing classes are for younger individuals ranging from 8-12 years of age. This class will teach discipline, boxing skills & develop overall fitness. A class to introduce the younger generations to the art of fighting. For those who display potential will receive an invitation to join our fighters class for further development.


Sparring is open to all individuals from beginners to advanced fighters. You’ll be paired according to your skill/experience level. This class is a chance to put into practice the work you’ve been doing in other classes. There will be open sparrings & technical sparring days. This class will require 16oz gloves, hand wraps, headgears, mouth guards, groin protectors (optional) & a towel.


Fundamentals is our introductory class for all new members without any prior boxing experience. Attendance is also recommended for our intermediate & advanced students to brush up on the basics & fine-tune their foundational skills. Practicing correct stance, balance, punch technique & motions are at the core of this session. This class will have a lower intensity compared to others which prioritises the development of skills over fitness.